Yannis KarpouzisYannis KarpouzisYannis KarpouzisYannis KarpouzisYannis KarpouzisYannis Karpouzis

Yannis Karpouzis


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  1. Dear friends
    Dear colleagues,

    I am sending this mail to inform you that my first photobook, «Parallel Crisis» (ed. Empty Square) is true!

    My project follows closely the relation between a photographic referent (socio-economic Greek crisis) and a depiction technique (Photography).
    What photography is really recording in Greece is a certain condition of numbness: subjects without the possibility of development, crippling unemployment, confined migrants, neighborhoods reigned by silence and fear. In these conditions, the Medium suspends time that has already been stalled. Photography itself is conceived as a metaphor, a mirror of the financial crisis».

    «Parallel Crisis» has been awarded the Descubrimientos prize in PHotoEspana 2015 and the Athens Photo Festival portfolio reviews 2016 prize. The project’s dummy book has been selected and exhibited in Rencontres d’Arles (Luma Dummy Award 2016) and in Aarhus photobook week (2018). The project has also been shown through exhibitions in PHE16 (solo exhibition), Deste foundation, NY new museum, Benaki museum, Ph museum, photo Beijin and Thessaloniki contemporary museum of art (upcoming – October 2021). It is supported by the Greek ministry of culture.

    You may find the book in:
    Athens: «Pleiades» bookstore
    Thessaloniki: Museum of Photography
    Madrid: «La Fabrica» bookstore
    Reykiavik: «Prent & Vinir» art space

    And of course you may contact me and I will send you a copy through the post office.

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